February 15, 2015

Stadium Series Predictions

2016 Stadium Series:
A couple weeks ago I posted my prediction for next year's Winter Classic jerseys, today I'm doing the same for the Stadium Series.  I think the jerseys will once again be modern, and follow a template that is used for all four teams.  I also kept the the giant sleeve numbers and giant pant logos from this years uniforms.  I decided against white pants, instead using white gloves for the road teams.  Also gone are the chrome or carbon fiber logo, but that's mostly just wishful thinking.  The sleeve stripes are angled so that when the arms are down at an angle the stripes will look more vertical to match the stripes on the torso.

Also, I've added a square yolk variation of my new template to the templates page.

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February 09, 2015

Guest Concept Post #77

Boston Bruins Winter Classic Jerseys, by Adam:
Today we have three Bruins Winter Classic concepts by first time contributor Adam, all of which are true throwback jerseys.  I'd love to see the Bruins go with a throwback jersey, I thought the Winter Classic was best when the teams wore actual jerseys from their past, and it lost a bit of it's charm when teams starting making up fauxback jerseys.  This jersey is from 1974-95, and while it's not one of my personal favourites it would be a great option because it the Bruins' longest lasting jersey.  It's also fitting that this concept is posted on the 77th guest concept post, because whenever I see this jersey I think of number 77 Ray Bourque.

The second throwback jersey Adam suggested is much older, dating back to 1949-55.  The logo on this jersey is a great throwback logo, it was used for 22 seasons before the Bruins switched full-time to their famous spoked-B logo, so it has a lengthy history and it simply looks great in my opinion.  The jersey striping once again isn't one of my favourite looks for the Bruins, but I'm sure lots of people would love it.

Adam's final suggestion is my favourite of the three, and it's also the oldest being a throwback to the Bruins very first jersey from 1924-25.  This jersey is actually pretty unique, it's the only brown jersey in NHL history (you could argue that the Bruins 1926-32 jersey was also primarily brown but I've always thought of it as a white jersey).  Not only is this jersey unique but it also has a lot of old-timey charm that's perfect for a Winter Classic, especially the logo.  To be completely historically accurate the pants would have to be tan, but I don't think the brown pants look bad either.

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February 06, 2015

Back in Silver

Hello all!  I have some good news for anyone who uses vector graphics to make concepts (or anyone who wants to learn how).  Nick Burton has created a vector version of my hybrid template, which you can find on his blog Burton Hockey Design.  He also made a tutorial that would be very helpful for anyone learning to make vector concepts.  In other news, I have a new concept to show you folks.

Los Angeles Kings:
This concept is inspired by both the Kings' current jerseys and their 1980-88 jerseys.  I had wanted to try a silver Kings jersey for a while, and I thought it would look best if they was a good amount of black.  However that causes a bit of a problem because the jersey might be to dark for a light jersey and to light for a dark jersey, but since this is just a concept I'm not going to worry too much about that detail.

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February 01, 2015

Winter Classic Prediction

2016 Winter Classic:
For the 2016 NHL Winter Classic I'm predicting that the Bruins will wear a yellow fauxback jersey, while the Canadiens will wear a white throwback jersey.  The striping for the Bruins jersey is inspired by the socks they wore from 1939-67, and the Canadiens jersey is from 1941-44.

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January 24, 2015

Johnny Canuck Part Two

Back on the 15th I wrote a post about Johnny Canuck which included a home and road concept for the Canucks.  Today's concept is a third jersey to go along with that set.

Vancouver Canucks:
This is also an updated version of a concept from March 2013.  The striping is partly inspired by the Canucks' infamous "Flying V" jerseys, but with Johnny Canuck on the front instead of a giant V.

Also, I've added this variation of the template (with the collar-to-cuff yoke) to the Templates page.

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