August 13, 2014

Silver Whalers

Hartford Whalers:
This concept is kind of inspired by a t-shirt I have.  I noticed from that shirt that I liked the look of the Whalers' 1992-97 logo on a silver background, so I decided to make a silver jersey concept for them.

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August 05, 2014

Miscellaneous Guest Concepts

Real Salt Lake, by Justin S:
We have two guest concepts today by Justin, starting off with this Real Salt Lake hockey concept.  Now I'm not a soccer fan and I really know nothing about Real Salt Lake, so I'm not the best person to review this but I'll do my best.  As you can see Justin used the 2009 NHL All-Star Game template, which seems to match the team's current road jersey pretty well.  My favourite parts of this concept are the unique elements, like the number on the pants, the logo on the socks, and the logo underneath the back of the collar.

2015 Memorial Cup (with expansion teams), by Justin S:
Justin also made this concept for a potential Memorial Cup with three expansion teams.  For the WHL expansion team he brings back the Abbotsford Heat, and gives them jerseys with a unique yoke design.  I think that design looks great on the white jersey where the shoulders are the same colour as jersey, but not quite as good on the red jersey.  Moving on to the QMJHL, Justin puts a team in Fredericton called the Lynx with a nice blue and gold colour scheme and the old St-Jean Lynx diagonal script as the logo.  The shoulder stripes for the Lynx are quite interesting, but I'm not sure I'm a fan.  It's a feature I'd have to see in real life to know if I liked it or not.  Lastly, Justin expands the OHL by bringing back the Brantford Alexanders (the team previously existed from 1978-84, according to  The striping pattern for the Alexanders is fairly simple which in this case works really well.  I particularly like the collar treatment, which is similar to what the Oilers did back when they were winning Stanley Cups.  My only suggesting for the Alexanders would be to add black trim to the numbers on the white jersey.

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July 31, 2014

Canada Concept and Guest Concepts

Hello!  We have a few concepts today, but before we get to that I just want to let you all know that I did a bit of maintenance on the Templates page recently.  Some of the templates have been updated to match changes I've made to my concepts in the last few months (like no collar tag on Reebok or CCM templates), and I also added a credits section to give credit to the people that created the templates.

Team Canada, by Me:
Another change I made on the templates page was changing the mesh style on the Nike Swift template (I got the new mesh pattern from the "Reebok Authentic Jersey Template" on HJC's Template page).  I then used that new mesh on this team Canada concept, which uses the throwback logo from their 2012 third jersey and a striping pattern that is supposed to kind of match that logo.

Team Canada and Team Russia, by Jared:
Next up we have a couple of IIHF concepts by Jared.  He gives Russia a jersey inspired by their flag, and Canada a concept based of their jerseys from the 1972 summit series.  Both those ideas are good ideas, but the execution is poor.  The striping goes over the template lines when it isn't supposed to, it's worst with Russia's pants which lost all their detail and now just look like a blue blob.  Using the paint bucket tool (if you're using paint or will fix that problem.  Also the colours are too bright, I'd recommend getting colours from Colorwerx.

Phoenix Coyotes, by Justin S:
We end today's post with a fun concept by Justin.  He creates a jersey for the Coyotes based off of their original logo, and the result looks surprisingly good.  Even though it's based of off such a 90's logo, the jersey doesn't look dated at all.  Justin kept the jersey very accurate for the most part, although he did use the script version of the moon logo and added shoulder patches.  Both those decisions are smart decisions in my opinion, they help make the jersey look more complete.

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July 23, 2014

Junior Giants

Vancouver Giants:
Earlier this month I posted a Vancouver Giants concept by Justin S, which got me thinking about their uniforms and lead to me making this concept.  The Giants' original uniforms had a shoulder yoke design similar to the Philadelphia Flyers, which I used as inspiration for this concept but I also didn't want the design to feel like a rip-off of the Flyers.

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July 19, 2014

West Coast Guest Concepts

Hello folks, and welcome to another SG-94 post. Just a quick note before we get to today's post to let you all know that I've decided to ditch the grading system when reviewing concepts.  There are benefits to grading concepts, but I just find it easier to review concepts when I don't need to include a grade.

Los Angeles Kings, by Jared:
Jared believes the Kings need a makeover from their current colourless jerseys, so for this concept he adds gold, green, and blue (logo) to their colour scheme.  I like the use of gold, but I don't think the other colours work for the Kings.  This concept makes use of the Reebok template from the Templates page, but unfortunately the execution needs a lot of work.  The stripes are all wonky, and they often cross over the edge of the templates, same thing with the helmet and pants logos.  Also the grey areas on the helmet, pants, and socks need to be erased, they are only there to guide where to put the logos (helmet and pants) or stripes (sock).  My advice to Jared would be to look for tutorials online (there are some on HJC) that could help you improve your execution.

San Jose Sharks, by Jake88:
Jake88 loves to send in Sharks concept with wavy sleeve stripes, this is the third concept like that he's sent in (previous concepts here and here).  This time it's a black third jersey concept, and along with the wavy sleeve stripes it also features the wave pattern from their fin logo sublimated behind the logo.  That sublimated wave pattern looks great, it ties in perfectly with the logo.  I also like the overall look of the uniform, it reminds me 2001-07 third jersey (which I also liked).

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