October 11, 2015


What if NASA were a hockey team?  I know that's a very random question, but it's what inspired this concept.

Team NASA:
The red stripes are based off of the red stripes that are on some NASA spacesuits (see below).  I was also a bit inspired by the all blue NASA flight suits.  Overall I was just going for a simple look that was a mix of both modern and traditional.

Image from wikipedia.org - Image from nasa.gov
Just in case you're curious, here's some more info about the above photos.  The first photo is of Alan Shepard on the moon during Apollo 14, taken by astronaut Edgar Mitchell.  The second photo is of astronaut Scott Kelly inside a Soyuz simulator.  Kelly is currently in space as commander of the International Space Station.  If you are at all interested in outer space you should follow Scott Kelly on Twitter or Instagram, he posts lots of spectacular photos.

Bon Voyage!

September 26, 2015

Silver (Grey?) Canucks

Hello again!  It's been a while (sorry about that).  I  just haven't had any ideas for new concepts lately, hopefully that will change now that hockey season is about to start.

Vancouver Canucks:
The Canucks should not have a silver third jersey (or is it grey), they should have a green third jersey (Trevor Linden, if you're reading this do not make this concept a reality (although it would be cool having the Canucks wear a jersey I designed))*.  But even though I dislike the idea of a silver Canucks jersey, I thought it was worth it to create this concept anyways.


*I think I use brackets too often.

June 13, 2015

New Coyotes

Arizona Coyotes:
The Coyotes are set to unveil new uniforms during the NHL Draft on June 26 (unless they move before then).  I'm actually a fan of their current set, so I kept some features of those uniforms around when creating this concept.  I originally planed to use maroon equipment, but ended up deciding black fit the jerseys better.

I also changed up the blog's design a bit.  I felt there was too much unnecessary clutter and I wanted the focus to be on the concepts, so I got rid of the sidebar which now allows me to make the images bigger.  You can now find the blog archive and the links to the Templates and About SG-94 page at the bottom of the blog.

Thanks for visiting!

April 15, 2015

Goodbye (Kind Of) After Three Years

This blog was started three years ago today, and I've decided it's (kind of) time to shut the blog down.  I will still post any concepts I make here (if I make any more concepts), but it will likely be a long time between posts.  However I will no longer be posting guest concepts, or doing any "My Thoughts" posts.

Also, I put together this image of how the blog's logo has changed over time...

Hopefully I'll be back with more concepts, but it will likely be at least a couple months from now.

Enjoy the rest of your day!