April 15, 2014

Two Years, Flames, and a Guest Concept

Today is the second anniversary of this blog, as the first post was on April 15th, 2012.  Since then there has been 178 more posts, including 30 posts with concepts by a guest (today is one of those posts).

Celtic FC, by Ricky:
Today is also the first time there has been a concept for a soccer team on this blog.  I'm probably not the best person to review this concept since I don't follow soccer at all, but I'll give it my best shot.  Looking at the jerseys my first impression is that they're too busy.  For the first two jerseys I'd recommend getting rid of the pattern in the armpit/shoulder area, or at least make it much more subtle.  I also think the horizontal stripes would look better if they were thicker and simpler.  I like the green jersey better, but I think the shade of green is too bright, just darkening it a little bit would improve it a lot.  I also think the sleeve stripes on that jersey should be simplified more.  On a more positive note the execution is very good, and I like some of the minor details like the trophies in the numbers.  Overall these jerseys are just too busy for me, I tend to like simpler designs, but that doesn't mean these are bad, just that I don't like them.
Grade:  C-

Calgary Flames Third:
I wanted to make a third jersey for the Flames that uses the shoulder logo from their current third jersey as the main logo.  I decided to use angled stripes like their 2000-07 jerseys, but I used those angled stripes as a chest stripe instead of hem stripes.  The rest of the concept is pretty self-explanatory.

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April 12, 2014

Roadrunners Guest Concept

Montreal Roadrunners, by Ricky:
For this concept Ricky brought back the Montreal Roadrunners of the Roller Hockey International league (and before today I had no idea this team or league ever existed).  I really like the jersey striping, combining the Washington Capitals sleeve stripes with the Carolina Hurricanes yoke looks surprisingly good.  The number font (which if I understand correctly is the MLS's current font) works really well, I think a roller hockey team should have a font that's a bit different.  I also think adding blue to the logo instead of grey was a great decision, but it also makes me wish that blue was incorporated into the jerseys more.  The only thing I don't like are the swirls within the hem stripe, they don't really fit with anything else.
Grade:  B

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April 06, 2014

New Blues

St. Louis Blues:
There are rumours that the Blues could be getting new jerseys next year, and possibly a new logo, which is why I made this concept.  As you can see the jerseys are similar to their pre-Edge jerseys, but with some differences.  I also slightly altered the logo, which you can see below.

I changed the top of the logo from straight to curved, and I also eliminated one of the outlines.

Have a good day!

March 29, 2014

Eagle Logo

Normally I only make jersey concepts, but today I have a logo concept to share with you folks.

A long time ago I sketched an eagle logo on paper, scanned it into my computer, and then forgot about it.  A few weeks ago I found the file of the original sketch and decided to try to update it into something I could use on a concept.  I basically just traced over the original image using Paint.NET, and then updated a few things that needed updating.

Primary Logo:
Here's a larger view of the updated logo.  The colours are from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Secondary Logo:
I also tried to make a secondary logo.  It's supposed to be a mix of an eagle claw and the letter E, but I don't know how obvious the eagle claw is.

After I made the secondary logo I just added a few letters to create a wordmark.

Finally I put those logos to use on this jersey concept.  I didn't put much creativity into these jerseys (they're basically just recolours of the Stars' new jerseys), I just wanted to see how the logos looked on a jersey concept.

This was my first attempt at a logo concept, so I'd love any feedback that could help me improve.
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March 18, 2014

Canucks 90's Third Jersey

I have new jersey in my jersey collection to share with you folks!
My parents got my this replica of the Canucks 1995-97 third jersey for my birthday.  I now have basically every Canucks third jersey or specialty jersey, but no home or road jerseys.  You can see this jersey, and all my other jerseys on the My Jersey Collection page.

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