September 26, 2015

Silver (Grey?) Canucks

Hello again!  It's been a while (sorry about that).  I  just haven't had any ideas for new concepts lately, hopefully that will change now that hockey season is about to start.

Vancouver Canucks:
The Canucks should not have a silver third jersey (or is it grey), they should have a green third jersey (Trevor Linden, if you're reading this do not make this concept a reality (although it would be cool having the Canucks wear a jersey I designed))*.  But even though I dislike the idea of a silver Canucks jersey, I thought it was worth it to create this concept anyways.


*I think I use brackets too often.

June 13, 2015

New Coyotes

Arizona Coyotes:
The Coyotes are set to unveil new uniforms during the NHL Draft on June 26 (unless they move before then).  I'm actually a fan of their current set, so I kept some features of those uniforms around when creating this concept.  I originally planed to use maroon equipment, but ended up deciding black fit the jerseys better.

I also changed up the blog's design a bit.  I felt there was too much unnecessary clutter and I wanted the focus to be on the concepts, so I got rid of the sidebar which now allows me to make the images bigger.  You can now find the blog archive and the links to the Templates and About SG-94 page at the bottom of the blog.

Thanks for visiting!

April 15, 2015

Goodbye (Kind Of) After Three Years

This blog was started three years ago today, and I've decided it's (kind of) time to shut the blog down.  I will still post any concepts I make here (if I make any more concepts), but it will likely be a long time between posts, as I've had less free time lately and my interest in hockey concepts has faded a bit.  However I will no longer be posting guest concepts, or doing any "My Thoughts" posts.

Also, I put together this image of how the blog's logo has changed over time...

Hopefully I'll be back with more concepts, but it will likely be at least a couple months from now.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

March 28, 2015

Guest Concept Post #78

Hello again!  It's been a while since the last post.  That's simply due to a combination of me being busy and having no ideas for new concepts.  But I'm back today with a guest concept from Scott.

Edmonton Oilers, by Scott:
The Oilers have had two good sets of jerseys in their history (the Gretzky-era/current look, and the pre-edge set), and Scott has combined them both for this concept.  I like the use of silver, especially on the striping of the home jersey because it helps separate the orange stripe from the blue background.  However, I think the elements without silver (numbers, collars, pant stripe, and away yoke) now look out of place.  I suggest adding silver to those elements which I think would make the whole uniform more cohesive (although it might end up looking worse, hard to tell without seeing it both ways).  As it is now, I prefer the Oilers current jerseys to this concept, but I like this concept better than their pre-edge jerseys.

Have a good day!