July 23, 2014

Junior Giants

Vancouver Giants:
Earlier this month I posted a Vancouver Giants concept by Justin S, which got me thinking about their uniforms and lead to me making this concept.  The Giants' original uniforms had a shoulder yoke design similar to the Philadelphia Flyers, which I used as inspiration for this concept but I also didn't want the design to feel like a rip-off of the Flyers.

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July 19, 2014

West Coast Guest Concepts

Hello folks, and welcome to another SG-94 post. Just a quick note before we get to today's post to let you all know that I've decided to ditch the grading system when reviewing concepts.  There are benefits to grading concepts, but I just find it easier to review concepts when I don't need to include a grade.

Los Angeles Kings, by Jared:
Jared believes the Kings need a makeover from their current colourless jerseys, so for this concept he adds gold, green, and blue (logo) to their colour scheme.  I like the use of gold, but I don't think the other colours work for the Kings.  This concept makes use of the Reebok template from the Templates page, but unfortunately the execution needs a lot of work.  The stripes are all wonky, and they often cross over the edge of the templates, same thing with the helmet and pants logos.  Also the grey areas on the helmet, pants, and socks need to be erased, they are only there to guide where to put the logos (helmet and pants) or stripes (sock).  My advice to Jared would be to look for tutorials online (there are some on HJC) that could help you improve your execution.

San Jose Sharks, by Jake88:
Jake88 loves to send in Sharks concept with wavy sleeve stripes, this is the third concept like that he's sent in (previous concepts here and here).  This time it's a black third jersey concept, and along with the wavy sleeve stripes it also features the wave pattern from their fin logo sublimated behind the logo.  That sublimated wave pattern looks great, it ties in perfectly with the logo.  I also like the overall look of the uniform, it reminds me 2001-07 third jersey (which I also liked).

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July 17, 2014

Orange Islanders

New York Islanders:
Ever since I saw the Islanders' Stadium Series logo I thought it would look great recoloured on an orange third jersey, so that's what I did for this concept.

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July 11, 2014

NHA Guest Concepts

NHA Concepts, by Ricky:
Today we have six NHA concepts by Ricky from HJC's NHA contest a few weeks ago.  I hate to say this, but I'm not a fan of these concepts.  There just isn't enough individuality for each team, four teams use the same barberpole striping pattern, and every team uses the vintage white and the same font.  There are some jerseys that look good by themselves, but together as a series they just don't work in my opinion.  One thing I do like is the plain background, I think that a plain background helps the focus be on the concept.  I also think the logo for the Toronto Tecumsehs is really good.
Grade:  C

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July 07, 2014

WHL and Ducks Guest Concepts, and More Tigers

Seattle Thunderbirds, by Justin S:
Justin starts us off today with a green third jersey for the Thunderbirds.  This jersey is actually modernization of the Thunderbirds' 1985-87 home jersey.  I think the new striping pattern looks great, it's a great use of this Reebok template.  Execution is also good, all the league logos are in the right spot which sometimes is an issue with CHL concepts.  The only thing I would change, and this is very minor, would be to make the armpit area green instead of white.
Grade:  B

Vancouver Giants, by Justin S:
Justin also sent in this concept for the Giants, who are kind of my default favourite WHL team since they are the closest team to me.  I like the striping pattern which appears to be somewhat inspired by the Giants original jerseys, but with traditional stripes (yoke, sleeve and hem stripes) instead of the Flyers style yoke.  I'm not a fan of using the Canucks number font, I'd rather the Giants keep their identity completely separate.  Also the logo uses different shades of red and black than the jersey.
Grade:  B

Anaheim Ducks, by Ricky:
This next concept is Ricky's take on the Ducks new jerseys.  The striping is simplified, which I think is a great move.  I like the colour balance on the home jersey, but the road jersey still has too much orange compared to gold in my opinion and I don't like how those two colours touch.  The orange third jersey looks good, I have no complaints there.  On a side note, for me as a Canucks fan it's still weird seeing Kesler's name on the back of a Ducks jersey.
Grade:  B

Hamilton Tigers:
Once again I've made a Hamilton Tigers concept.  This concept here is a different take on the Tigers concept I posted on June 17th, basically I removed all the white and made a few other tweaks to give the concept a more retro look.

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